Role/policy changes in Coates Global Lisbon Office

Coates Global are proud to announce three key changes in our Lisbon office: the appointment of Portuguese legal specialist Prof Dr Marina Andrade, the introduction of a guarantee of all client questions being answered within two working days and the implementation of more-transparent pricing.

As part of our continuous improvement and expansion efforts, we sought to add a highly qualified expert in Portuguese immigration law to our team. Prof Dr Marina Andrade will oversee the implementation of our new guarantee and our revised fee structure, as well as maintain our high customer service standards.

Our new, clearer fee structure is fully compliant with the EU directive on transparency in the pricing of legal services. Coupled with our new guarantee of answering all client questions within two working days, this will enhance our offering to both individual and corporate clients.

Dr. Marina Andrade brings a wealth of experience in immigration law: after graduating from the Law College of the Portuguese Catholic University, she worked as an independent attorney helping individual clients with their residence permits and tourist visas. She has also advised the Portuguese government and public authorities on the country’s Golden Visa programme and has worked as a law professor at several educational institutions in Portugal and at the Brazilian Institution of Law.

In addition to being a member of several international associations, such as Associação Luso-Brasileira de Direito Comparado, she has published many articles in Portuguese newspapers and magazines, including the article “The Portuguese Golden Visa Program” on World.Tax (
Moreover, she has appeared on Portuguese TV programmes as an immigration law expert.

She is thus well equipped to handle many immigration matters, including:
• Golden Visa applications for main investors and family reunifications;
• Residence visas and permit requests – all types;
• Tourist/Schengen visas;
• Renewal requests;
• Appeals of immigration decisions;
• Citizenship applications;
• Residence registry certificates – for EU citizens who intend to reside in Portugal for more than three month.

Her wider expertise includes real estate issues, specifically:
• Preparation and management of due diligence for properties to be acquired by Golden Visa investors;
• Analysis and preparation of memorandums for such properties;
• Preparation of reservation agreements, sale promissory agreements and final deeds;
• Preparation of rental agreements (and registration of the agreements with the tax authorities);
• Registration of properties with the Property Registry Office, the tax authorities and utility companies; and
• Issuing of notifications to pay the taxes associated with property acquisitions in Portugal.

Prof. Dr. Marina Andrade commented: “With a focus on ethics, quality, compliance and technical excellence, I am confident that I can continue Coates Global’s delivery of outstanding customer service to a wide range of clients on matters relating to Portuguese immigration.”

We welcome Prof. Dr. Marina Andrade as an important member of our new immigration team in Lisbon.


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