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Join Coates Global from December 6th to 11th, 2023, in Lagos for a deep dive into the latest UK immigration laws, now more favorable for businesspeople and skilled professionals. This event is your gateway to understanding how these changes can benefit you and your family, with a focus on establishing and expanding your business presence in the UK.
Recent UK Immigration Changes:
Learn about the simplified and more accessible UK immigration pathways for entrepreneurs and professionals. Our sessions will cover everything from setting up a new business, opening a branch office, to skilled worker opportunities – all leading to residency and potential citizenship in the UK.
Discover Other Global Opportunities

Broader Horizons for Your Consideration
While the UK’s new immigration laws present appealing opportunities, our event also delves into various attractive immigration routes in Europe and the USA. We are here to assist you in exploring opportunities in your chosen countries:

  • Greece Golden Visa: Embark on a journey to EU residency and citizenship with the Greece Golden Visa program. This route offers the chance to obtain an EU passport in 7 years through a minimal real estate investment.
  • Portugal Golden Visa: Engage in a capital investment of Euro 500,000 for a fast track to EU residency and citizenship. A strategic investment in Portugal opens the door to an EU passport and global travel freedom.
  • Malta Citizenship: Gain prestigious EU citizenship within just 13 months through investment in Malta. This path offers you and your family the opportunity to travel visa-free worldwide, enjoying the benefits of an EU passport.
  • Caribbean Island Citizenship: Invest in the serene beauty of the Caribbean Islands and enjoy visa-free access to numerous countries, including Europe and the UK. A perfect blend of lifestyle and mobility benefits.
  • USA Immigration Routes: For businesspeople looking to expand into the American market, we outline routes leading to a US passport in 6 years. Discover how to establish a strong presence in the USA and unlock new professional horizons.
Why Attend?
Exclusive Insights and Personalized Advice: Our event goes beyond just imparting information; it’s about developing a strategic plan tailored to your global mobility aspirations. Seize the opportunity to gain expert insights and begin charting your path to a new life in your desired destination with confidence.
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Limited Availability for an Exclusive Experience: This unique event, focusing on the latest UK immigration updates as well as other global opportunities, offers limited spaces. Reserve your place now to discover how these new avenues can pave the way to a thriving future for you and your family.
Consultancy Fee
One hour private consultancy: N200,000
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Start Your Journey Today: For further information or to secure your spot at the event, please fill out the form below. Our team will get in touch with you to provide personalized assistance and answer any questions you may have.
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