Coates Global is a leading international law firm with offices in London, Lisbon, Malta and Dubai. We specialise in citizenship by investment programs and work only with clients who are applying for a golden visa or other forms of investor visas. This means we can dedicate all our resources, knowledge and legal expertise to ensuring you gain your visa.
“Specialising in only the best Golden Visa programs”
In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the number of golden visa programs offered worldwide. However, not all of these programs offer strong value for money. Coates Global only recommends the very best second citizenship programs to its clients – and if we think that you could benefit from choosing another golden visa program then we’ll let you know. Our clients trust and respect our professional advice, and in return, they will be looked after by one of our golden visa experts.
A law firm – not a real estate agent or broker
Whilst some companies claim to be golden visa experts, many of them are investment firms, accountants or simply real estate agents with no formal training in law. The team at Coates Global consists of fully-trained and experienced lawyers specialised in European Immigration Law, meaning that we are the best people to look after the complexities of a golden visa application. Where required we do consult with real estate professionals – but our work is rooted in immigration law which allows us to take on even the most complex cases.
100% client satisfaction
We understand that each of our client’s cases are different and will require a unique investment strategy. Therefore, our lawyers will carefully consider your individual circumstances, devising the most successful investment strategy for them. From multi-national companies and wealthy tycoons to celebrities and other individuals, Coates Global is proud to maintain a 100% client satisfaction record.
Working only with approved partners
As a law firm, we work with third parties from time to time within their own  specialized areas, such as real estate brokers and fund managers located abroad. Coates Global also has its own international offices located in Lisbon, Malta, and Dubai with multilingual lawyers able to take care of any processes which can only be completed abroad. By working only with a select group of approved partners, we have been able to ensure complete client satisfaction.