The British Embassy’s Department of International Trade (DIT) in Lisbon presents Coates Global with one of their prestigious business awards

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018, Coates Global was proudly awarded with one of DIT’s acclaimed business awards for contributing to the British-Portuguese international trade relationship. New to the market, Coates Global attained the DIT business award because of the sheer volume of investment funds their clients invested into Portugal’s Golden Visa programme. This had an resounding effect in the rise in Portugal’s economy.

From humble beginnings, Coates Global has expanded in ways unimaginable since its inception in 2016. Our company has flourished enormously in the these past two years. Starting off with a single office, we now have seven offices worldwide!

This award is a monumental representation of the footprint Coates Global will continue to leave behind with every client on every programme; every step of the way!

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