Russia endorses Visa-Free Travel with Dominica

Amid the current political revisions appears a welcoming turn of events! Since Dominican Prime Minister (PM) Roosevelt Skerrit first announced negotiations with Russia regarding the visa-waiver agreement more than three months ago, the Russian government have come to endorse this proposition. Announced on 28th August 2018, this visa-waiver agreement will permit citizens from the Commonwealth of Dominica and citizens from Russia visa-free travel to each other’s countries for a period no longer than 90-days; as reported by TASS.

Detailed on an official statement published on the Russian cabinet’s website expressed:

“The draft agreement waives visas for holders of Russian passports valid abroad, including diplomatic and service passports, and citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica who hold diplomatic, service and regular passports, provided their stay does not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period.”

In addition to PM Roosevelt Skerrit announcing that his administration was in the final stages of negotiating visa-waiver agreements with Russia, he also was in the final stages of negotiations regarding a similar deal with the UAE; as well as actively pursuing one with China.

Whereas the Russian visa-waiver agreement now appears to have been sealed, we are awaiting news on any such agreement being settled with the other two nations. Despite this, Dominica did announce earlier this week that they will be opening an embassy and a consulate out in the UAE.

With Russia joining Dominica’s index of visa-free destinations is a momentous gem in Dominica’s crown. Three other CIP-jurisdictions, which are Saint Kitts & Nevis, Vanuatu, and Grenada, already achieved visa-waivers with Russia, while Grenada stands as the only Caribbean nation that has visa-free access to China.