The SIDF is a charity established by the government of St Kitts & Nevis which aims to diversify the economy of the country following the closure of its sugar industry. Established in 2006, the foundation develops existing and new industries as well as projects that will ensure the continuing strength of the economy.

No, your contribution to the SIDF is non-refundable and will be spent by the charity.

The SIDF grants money to a variety of projects that will further the country in terms of economic and social stability. Past and current projects include green electricity generation, tourism expansion, and the establishment of the Agricultural Fund. To date, the SIDF has invested over $55,000,000 into various development projects of national interest.

You will be investing in real estate projects that have been pre-approved by the government of St Kitts and Nevis. These projects contribute to either the economy or the social development of the country, and may or may not include owning actual real estate units. For example, you can own shares in a hotel development rather than physical property. Approved real estate includes property from housing estates to golf resorts.

Once approved, the main applicant must pay a government fee of USD50,047. The applicant’s spouse as well as any dependant under 18s must pay USD25,047 each, and any adult dependants must also pay USD50,047. Note that these fees are one-off and non-refundable.

You must retain your investment for a minimum period of five years, after which time you are free to sell as you please.

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