Tamer Ulay

Tamer is an European Immigration Law Specialist and has extensive knowledge of European Golden Visa and Second Citizenship Programmes. He is mainly responsible for Golden Visa and citizenship programmes for Cyprus, Malta and Portugal. He regularly travels to these countries to oversee and guide our clients’ applications first hand.

Garth William Coates

Garth is one of the experts we use regularly. He is a solicitor and runs his own immigration law firm in central London. He has over 25 years’ experience of immigration law and has previously worked for the UK Immigration Department.

Michele Martin

Michele is one of the external experts we use. She has been working as a British Solicitor in the UK since 1994. She has extensive experience of all aspects of second citizenship and golden visa programmes.

Celemet Yener

Celemet has developed good working relationships with Identity Malta (the official citizenship department in Malta) and SEF (the immigration department in Portugal). He has extensive knowledge of all types of Golden Visa applications.

Christine Phillips

Christine is our senior consultant and has been with the company since its establishment. Christine is responsible for citizenship applications, having extensive knowledge of both naturalisation and second citizenship programmes. As a fluent Turkish speaker, she assists all our teams with queries from Turkish nationals who are looking to obtain a Golden Visa or a second citizenship.

Leqa Al Habib

After excelling in her academics and achieving a First-Class Honours in LLB Law, Leqa moved on to gain extensive experience in conducting complex cases on European Golden Visa’s and Citizenship by Investment programmes. She has worked with high profile clients, well-known country experts, and other highly reputable professionals within her field. With her extensive immigration experience in, Leqa is positioned as one of our legal consultants who primarily works with our Arabic speaking client base as she speaks Arabic fluently. Leqa has direct connection to our Dubai office and has travelled on various occasions out to the U.A.E to deal with client’s cases.

Leila Mansouri

Leila is our Attorney and Business Development Consultant as well as a U.S. licensed immigration attorney with almost a decade of experience. She has extensive experience dealing with Iranian nationals as well as being invited to speak on many media platforms and conferences.

Christos Leonida

Christos has been working in the financial and property market for over 20 years.

For the last 7 years, Christos has concentrated his efforts in the migration industry, working on both Cypriot Citizenship by Investment and Golden Visa programmes. He is a renowned expert in the sector.

Vassilios Fragkiadakis

Vassilious is an experienced lawyer with more than 20 years of active experience in the industry. He has extensive knowledge of both Greece’s Citizenship by Investment and Golden Visa programmes. He is the Greek representative for Coates Global clients.