Residency by investment programme on the horizon for Anguilla

A further Caribbean nation welcomes a residency by investment programme as part of their medium-term agenda to be launched at the fourth quarter of 2018. The government of Anguilla are keen to implement this new programme that will offer foreign nationals permanent residency status in Anguilla once they have made a financial contribution to the nation, in addition to providing evidence of good health and good character.

When hosting an information session on the subject that took place on 23 August 2018, the government of the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla presented the purpose and benefits of the programme. They gave a preview of the proposed residency by investment programme, including the application process and fees as well as its plans for implementation.

The latest information regarding the residency by investment programme for Anguilla state the following:

– Two investment options:

1) Investment in a Capital Development Fund of US$150,000

2) A minimum investment in real estate of US$750,000

– A third route to investment is to be released as a tax residency option, however, details as still to be determined

– Accelerated processing times that could have are 30-day turnaround (from application stage to approval stage); this is still to be confirmed

– Dependants of main applicant are eligible to apply

– Permanent residency status ONLY

As information is being verified, finalised and accordingly adjusted, amendments to the residency programme could still come to play. For more information about the upcoming Anguilla residency by investment programme, please click here to view the government’s official announcement.

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