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It does not come as a surprise that the Portuguese Golden Visa programme is the most requested and attractive of its kind worldwide. Portugal has a lot to offer besides its a Mediterranean climate, warm and hospitable community as well as having not experienced an economic crisis since 2009! Where English is widely spoken, especially in the real estate sector, Portugal stands as an extremely attractive and welcoming country for investors looking to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa. However, it is by offering applicants a permanent residency after the fifth year of investment as well as citizenship after the sixth year where Portugal goes above and beyond investor expectations with their Golden Visa programme. Portugal is at the forefront of the Golden Visa competition as this unique feature of attaining Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship is only available through the Portuguese Golden Visa and not obtainable on an alternative Golden Visa scheme.

Even with these attractive facets, the amount of people who have experienced adversities when applying for the Portuguese Golden Visa is high. Adversities such as misleading information resulting in mistakes in their application, visa rejections and misunderstanding of what the procedure entails can be avoided. However, over the years, real estate agencies have disguised themselves as Golden Visa experts either through their own entitlement or purely aiming to sell property to investors to obtain higher profits for their business. The results of this are that many investors feel concerned, lack trust and are cautious with whom they place their investment with.

As a result of the damaging mark left by these irreputable agencies, it has encouraged us to curate an event that would offer you the candid information about the Portuguese Golden Visa programme. Thus, we would like to invite you to our introductory meeting held on 16ththrough to the 20thJune 2018. This event will give you the opportunity to learn more about the Portuguese Golden Visa from our experienced Portuguese lawyers in Portugal.

One of the primary reasons as to why we are hosting an introductory meeting for investors who are interested in applying for the Portuguese Golden Visa is so that they can be introduced to Portugal’s well-known construction companies, housing funds and trusted real estate agents. This will ensure that you will be in a trusted environment where you can view properties that fit the requirements of the Golden Visa programme as well as seeing what properties are on the market that suit your personal preferences. European immigration law experts, Tamer Ulay and Celemet Yener, will be on site to assist with all your queries as well as hosting a seminar to explain and clarify all subject matters regarding the Golden Visa of Portugal. 

The main topics of the event:

  • What is the Portuguese Golden Visa and its application requirements?
  • Where and under what conditions can investments be made?
  • What should be considered when choosing a property?
  • How to avoid double taxation
  • The procedure of opening a bank account in Portugal as well as obtaining a tax code
  • Renting out property in Portugal as well as how to rent your property in Portugal
  • How can the Golden Visa be extended?
  • How can you benefit from Portugal’s social rights as well as your right to work in Portugal?
  • Once obtaining the permanent residency visa, what are the key requirements for applying for the Portuguese citizenship?
  • Life in Portugal – daily routine, lifestyle choices, legal rights and more

Please see below the email and telephone numbers where you can book a slot for this event, arrange a private consultation with one of our experts or simply ask for more information (languages spoken: Turkish and English):

Call Centre in Turkey: 0212 702 27 17
WHATSAPP: +44 791 612 0544 (English and Turkish)

Head Office in the UK: + 44 20 7799 1600
Email address: lisbon@coatesglobal.com


Coates Global is a British consultancy firm with offices in London, Lisbon, Malta and Dubai. Our staff consists of experts who are trained in European Union immigration law. This is one of our many events held abroad. We organise many conferences and seminars in Portugal, Malta as well as Cyprus as these countries attract the most investors worldwide.

We understand, respect and care about protecting your privacy and that is why all our events remain confidential in relation to your personal and sensitive information. Our British, Portuguese, Cypriot and Maltese lawyers attain high professional standards and are committed to maintaining these standards. We can confirm and promise that we will not display the identity of our clients.

We take certain measures to protect your privacy aligned with your personal demands, such as, arranging transfers from the airport upon your arrival. Additionally, we understand that time is of the essence and therefore, we aim to complete your investment, residency and citizenship transactions in the most time efficient way possible.

Under Coates Global, we pledge that all your details regarding your investment and personal information are 100% secure and protected.

    Our places are very limited.

    Please contact us for more information and registration