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EU Entrepreneur, Investor programmes and Ankara Agreement introductory seminar held in Turkey / 13th July 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 20th July 2018 @ 5:00 pm

EU Entrepreneur, Investor programmes and Ankara Agreement introductory seminar held in Turkey

With increasing interest over investment opportunities abroad, investors who are keen to invest in an investment programme often find themselves discovering contradicting and misleading information plastered across the internet. From a client’s perspective, we understand that choosing a reliable and trustworthy representative to support and review their application is not only a difficult task, but it can be a daunting one too. Many overseas real estate agencies are disguised as immigration consultancy firms, which take advantage of these types of investor schemes, promising a citizenship or residency permit to the investor and end up pocketing profits of the sale of the property. There have been previous cases whereby an investor has been left with a property and no citizenship or residency permit because of these imitated immigration consultancy firms. Therefore, it is crucial that investors receive the right information, not only by investing their money but also their time with real experts in the sector to avoid unnecessary loss with foreign immigration and investment transactions.

Coates Global Limited, a British immigration consultancy firm with offices in Dubai, Lisbon, London and Malta, are hosting an introductory seminar for the popular EU Entrepreneur schemes, Investor programmes and the increasingly popular Ankara Agreement held in Turkey between 13th– 18thJuly. Our Coates Global EU visa law experts and solicitors from Malta, Greece, Portugal and the UK will be attending this event to answer any queries that you may have about the programmes.

Please note, the seminar will be in both English and Turkish.



GARTH COATES – British immigration solicitor and co-founder of Coates Global Ltd

TAMER ULAY – EU Immigration Law specialist as well as an expert in Golden Visa’s, Dual Citizenship and Ankara Agreement

CELEMET YENER – British Immigration solicitor and expert on the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programmes

  1. FREDERICK ELLUL – Maltese solicitor and a specialist in the Maltese citizenship and residency permit programme

DR RUI RODRIGUES – Portuguese solicitor as well as our Portuguese Golden Visa specialist

TATIANA VALERIO – Portuguese Golden Visa expert as well as Coates Global Lisbon’s, office consultant

CHRISTOS LEONIDAS – Golden Visa specialist for the Greece programme as well as our Greece investment consultant

HANNAH HUTCHEON – EU immigration adviser



  • The Portuguese, Greek and Spanish Golden Visa programme outlined, including information about property investment (either private or corporate), establishing a business and other investment routes with benefits that include a long-term Schengen visa
  • The Maltese Citizenship programme as a fast-track citizenship scheme whereby applicants receive an EU citizenship within a year
  • Opportunities to invest in or establish a business in the UK that leads to British immigration rights, permanent residency and citizenship
  • Programmes for companies looking to expand their business as an independent outlet in the UK and sending their representatives over
  • The Van der Elst visa permitting work for foreign employees of a company with employment opportunities in the EU
  • Investment opportunities in St. Kitts & Nevis as well as Dominica
  • The Ankara Agreement for Turkish nationals ONLY to reside in the UK and other EU countries as a self-employed businessperson or employee of a British company
  • Appeals against visa refusals and claims for compensation




Private One-to-one Meetings

13th– 18thJuly 2018


14thJuly 2018


Private One-to-one Meetings

20thJuly 2018



Our events in Turkey are split into two categories: seminars and private one-to-one meetings. Our seminars are held in groups whilst our private one-to-one meetings are tailored for your individual needs.

For both event categories, fees are applicable and are subject to availability.



Our seminars vary in size but usually average out to 10 participants per seminar. The seminar is aimed at those who want to have an in depth understanding of the programmes as well as the topics mentioned above. The event will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Sisli, Istanbul on 14thJuly, starting at 14:00 and lasting for approximately 3 hours. The seminar will consist of many subjects including the Ankara Agreement, permanent residency permits via purchasing real estate and second citizenship programmes. All information will be shown on a big, projector screen followed with a presentation from one of our experts.

Complimentary drinks and snacks will be available throughout the seminar. Please note that the seminar will be in TURKISH.

To participate in this seminar, it will be €15 per person.



These private meetings are offered to all professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and business people alike who wish to have a private one-to-one consultation with one of our experts on a topic of their preference. The session will last for approximately an hour.

These personalised meetings will be held on different dates and in different cities. The meetings held in ISTANBUL will be between 13th– 18thJuly AND 20thJuly in ANTALYA. The attendee may be accompanied by one additional person during these sessions.

Complimentary snacks and drinks will be available throughout the meeting. The meeting can be held either in English or Turkish, depending on your preferred choice.

Private one-to-one meetings cost €60 for the participant.



Both group seminars and private one-to-one meetings are in alignment with lawful and candid information about all Golden Visa and Second citizenship programmes. This is an opportunity to get first-hand advice from experts. There is a limited amount of tickets available so please head over to the EventBritewebsite to purchase your tickets.

Link to EventBrite website: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/avrupa-birligi-altn-vize-ve-cifte-vatandaslk-programlar-ve-ankara-vizesi-tickets-45970589270 

Coates Global Call Centre in Turkey: 0212 702 27 17

    Our places are very limited.

    Please contact us for more information and registration